I grew up dancing here. Mrs. Linda is without a doubt the most patient dance teacher out there. Dancing at SJDW was a great experiance that brought many wonderful memories!

Christina S.

I went to this dance school for years. There is none better! I would highly recommend South Jersey DanceWorks to anyone that loves the art of dance!

Jennifer B. W.

Amazing Dance Studio
South Jersey Dance Works is a breath of fresh air. It is a family based studio that is dedicated to teaching the art and technique of dancing. It is not about the glitz and glamor of shiny, expensive costumes and high priced tuition. The beauty of the studio is that it is low-stress, yet the teaching technique remains disciplined, focused, and challenging. Proof is seen in the quality and the advanced techniques of the dances in the recitals and performances throughout the year. South Jersey Dance Works encourages the individual spirit of every dancer. I myself have danced at that studio for over 14 years of my life. As I moved on to dance in Philadelphia, New York, Atlantic City and Los Angeles, the techniques, discipline, and stage presence I learned while at South Jersey Dance Works allowed me to compete amongst the best.

Katrina L.

While living in NJ, I taught dance for over a decade all over the state. I usually took my master classes in NYC or at my home studios, but I've treated myself to SJDW summer intensives a few times now, and I have to say I was impressed. Charles and Linda took me right back to my concert dance roots, giving classes reminiscent of those I took while studying dance at performing arts high school, at UARTS in college, and during my time performing in a modern company. I also respect that they aren't competitive with other studios in the sense that they knew I was a teacher and they welcomed me as they would any other student, and were very personable. It was great to take class just for the enjoyment of dancing. To feel again, the discipline and effort it takes to be a good student, and to express myself through movement just like when I was a kid ( those were the days,lol)! Although I'd never "steal" anything from another teacher, I definitely had that sense of renewal and found future classes I taught inspired in some way by my experiences here. Thanks, Linda and Charles, for sharing your art with another local artist and helping to perpetuate that wonderful" circle of creativity" that keeps us going year after year as teachers.